Privacy and Policy Statement and Other Details

  1. We promise not to disclose your details or to pass them on to any third party without your permission, or to send you any unsolicited mail.


  2. We do have a Mailing List which we will not add your name to without your permission, and we will ask for this permission in the E-Mail which we send advising you of the shipping details of your book or Bible study.


  3. Those on our Mailing List receive an e-letter, we send out helpful Christian thoughts and items of interest to Christians. Also advice of any new books that become available.


  4. We may add some brochures of other free items with the books when we send them.


  5. Although our books and studies are free we do accept donations to help with our expenses and are very appreciative of any help that we receive.


  6. We send our books/CD's by Airmail and to most countries they normaly take 4 to 10 days to arrive from New Zealand.


  7.  We reserve the right to change our policy conditions at any time without prior notice with the exception of the privacy conditions. (1 & 2)


  8.  You may have as many ebooks or take as many downloads as you wish.