The Law of God Bible Study Page Two

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8. What did Jesus say of the perpetuity of the law?

Luke 16:17.

Matthew 5:18.

Note three.


9. Where does the Lord desire to write His law

Hebrews 10:15-17.


Keeping the law:-

10. Jesus having come to take away sin, how completely must the law be kept by the believer?

James 2:10-12.


11. What great principle and what double obligation are embodied in the law?

Matthew 22:37-40.

Romans 13:8-10.


12. What was Jesus personal attitude towards keeping the law?

John 15:10.

Psalms 40:7-8.


13. What identifies the chosen people of God in the last days?

Revelation 14:12.


14. How only can we keep the law?

Romans 8:3-4.

Note four.



Note one:- "It would be almost impossible for a man to have that just notion of the demerit of sin so as to produce repentance, or to see the nature and necessity of the death of Christ, if the law were not applied to his conscience by the light of the Holy Spirit; it is then alone that he sees himself to be carnal, and sold under sin; and that the law and the commandments are holy, just, and good."— Clarkes Commentary, on Romans 7:13.

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