The Great Controversy

By Ellen G. White

The Great Controversy Cover

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This book is the story of a planet in crisis—

  • What led up to that crisis
  • Why we are now entering it
  • How to individually meet it successfully
  • What life will be like after the crisis is past


    Preparing for what is just ahead—

  • Thinking men everywhere recognize that we are on the edge of a crisis. But few understand its exact nature.


  • Here you will find the key events of earlier years that are bringing us to that crisis.


  • A path is leading us into the inevitable, but there is a way out.


  • This is a book that you will want for yourself and your loved ones.


  • This book has had a sale of over 4 million copies. It has helped untold numbers to better understand where we are in history, and how to prepare for what is ahead.


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The Great Controversy