George Burnside Speaks Audio Bible Studies

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12 Studies on a Set of Three CD's

(Copied from his six long play records with permission.)

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These studies are now available individually as mp3 files or as a set of 3 audio CD's

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The titles of the studies are:

  1. Heaven
  2. The Way to Heaven
  3. Our Lord's Return
  4. When our Lord will return
  5. Why Christians Should Keep the Ten Commandments
  6. The Two Laws
  7. The Sabbath -The Lord's Day
  8. The Change of the Sabbath
  9. The Law and the Gospel
  10. The Soul and the State of the Dead
  11. The True Church
  12. God's Last Message to the World

Also available on CD only:

"The Genealogy of Jesus"

"Bible Translations"

"Why I know the Bible is True"

"The Atonement"

"The Church in Crisis and the 144,000"

"What Must I Do To Be Saved"

"Knowing the Time-Nelson" and "Knowing the Time"-Ngaruawahia -- 2 slightly different messages

"NIV Attack's God's Truth"