"Empires of Prophecy" Bible Study Page One

A. Prophecy and History:-

1. What prophetic outline is given in Daniel Chapter 2?


2. Describe the vision of Daniel as recorded in Chapter 7?

Note 1


3. In Prophecy, what is symbolized by:-

(a) Winds?

Jeremiah 25:31-33

(b) Waters?

Revelation 17:15

(c) Beasts?

Daniel 7:17

Daniel 7:23


4. What is represented by?

(a) The lion? (first kingdom)

Daniel 7:4

Daniel 2:38

(b) The bear? (second kingdom)

Daniel 7:5

Daniel 2:39

Daniel 5:28

(c) The leopard? (third kingdom)

Daniel 7:6

Daniel 2:39

(d) The fourth beast? (fourth kingdom)

Daniel 7:7 and 23;

Daniel 2:40

(e) The ten horns? (ten kingdoms)

Daniel 7:7,and 24

Daniel 2:41


5. How does the history of nations correspond with this outline of prophecy?

note one.


B. Fourth Beast and Little Horn:-

6. What was to be the Character of the fourth kingdom and little horn?

Daniel 7:7-8

Daniel 7:19

Daniel 7:21

Daniel 7:23-25

2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

note two.

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