The Desire of Ages

by Ellen G. White

The Desire of Ages cover

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The life story of the greatest spiritual leader the world has ever known - Jesus Christ.

But this book does not merely set down a series of remote events: It presents the meaning of them, so vividly that we feel ourselves there. And we are made to understand, possibly for the first time, the true, underlying significance of His deeds and their bearing on our own lives . . . . here and now.

In this world if turmoil and pain we are all seeking a direction, a way, an answer to the plaguing questions confronting mankind - questions that must be answered if man is to survive.

What better way than to examine basic spiritual truths?

The Desire Of Ages answers such a need, for it is the definitive story of Jesus of Nazareth- whose life on earth 2,000 years ago has powerfully affected all of civilization.

Acclaimed by many as the most significant and deeply spiritual life of Christ ever written. It has given comfort to millions of readers the world over. Not only is it rich with wisdom and compassion, but its timely interpretation's draw significant parallels to the problems facing modern man.

Here then in one volume, are inspiring and comfort-giving truths for all men - and for all time . . .

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