A Defense of the Seventh-day Sabbath

by F.L. Sharp

A Defense of the Seventh-day Sabbath cover

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The Lord's Day—The Christian Sabbath

A Defence of the Seventh Day Sabbath


Of all the questions engaging the attention of the Christian world, there is none that is of greater moment or of more vital importance to the child of God than the question of the "Lord's Day," the Christian Sabbath.

There is scarcely another subject within the lids of the Bible which is so plainly and so clearly dealt with, yet, notwithstanding, there is no subject which is more controverted than is this one.

Most professing Christians regard Sunday, the first day of the week, as the Lord's Day. Others observe the seventh day-the day which God originally appointed. But which is the day that we ought to keep?

By many it is thought to be a matter of little moment, so long as one day is observed. But only as we view this question from the standpoint of the word of God shall we be able to understand and fully sense the importance of the issue involved. And however much we may seek to avoid the question, the time is fast approaching when every Protestant will be forced to face it and make a very definite decision with respect to it.

It is not merely the question of "which day." It is the question of whether we give our allegiance to an earthly power or the God of Heaven and Jesus Christ. It is a question in which our eternal interests are at stake; and with the object of earnestly endeavouring to open the eyes of the true people of God to the real situation these pages are penned, and into the hands of whomsoever they may fall, may they receive the earnest and prayerful consideration that such an important matter demands.


(This manuscript was retyped and formatted by M. H. and R.E.D. Hitchens. The only alterations made were to the formatting, the fonts and to correct spelling mistakes, typographical errors and the Greek words on page 23. The original was done by Pastor F. L. Sharp, who was an early S. D. A. Minister.) [Permission given to use this manuscript by H. H. Meyers]