The Repairing of Sam Brown

An Adventure in Truth

Repairing Sam Brown Cover

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Chapter I - in 3 sections

1- Sam’s first exposure

2- Frank tries to help answer questions

3- Sam does some looking for himself


Chapter II - in 4 sections

1- The dinner table discussion

2- "What did you answer him about this?"

3- No hint of a change

4- Will Frank get fired from his new job?


Chapter III - in 7 sections

1- The preacher pays a visit

2- Old or New covenant Christians?

3- God blessed the Sabbath

4- The preacher is persistent

5 - Has time been lost?

6- Are there two ways to get to heaven?

7- Sam gets sideswiped


Chapter IV - in 4 sections

1- Sarah Brown visits the Richards home

2- "Didn't you ask about the Sabbath question?"

3 - Truth is often unpopular - but it's still truth

4- I'd rather have God on my side


Chapter V - Sam Gets Repaired