Friendly Talks on Vital Topics

by W.T. Bartlett

Friendly Talks cover

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“Friendly Talks” deals largely with two vital topics, the Second Advent of the Lord, and the Great Reformation, outlined in the Scriptures, which must take place before Christ’s people can be ready to hail His glorious appearing with joy. In the following pages these subjects are discussed as fully as space will allow, and many difficult questions which ordinarily arise in the mind of the inquirer are dealt with. The object has been to treat these questions candidly and thoroughly, so far as possible in the words of the inspired writers. It is hoped that many who would not at first appreciate a book written in the ordinary style upon these important subjects, may become interested in their study through reading the conversations contained in this little volume.

Some may conclude from the style of “Friendly Talks,” that it is, to some extent, a work of the imagination. This is not so. Every question raised in it, and every incident mentioned, is taken from real life. The reformation referred to in the closing chapters is going on today in the lives of thousands, who are learning by actual experience that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is still the living God in the twentieth century, and that it is no less blessed today than it ever was to put implicit confidence in His Holy Word.

With the prayer that many of its readers may learn this same lesson, and may steadfastly endure the trying of their faith, “Friendly Talks” is commended to the earnest and prayerful consideration of those into whose hands it may fall.